The director and star of Crawl reveal the hilarious rules about peeing in the water 1 year ago

The director and star of Crawl reveal the hilarious rules about peeing in the water

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"They broke out in a rash!"

Almost exactly a year to the day, JOE wrote about what we believed to be the most fun movie of 2019.


Yep, we heard the plot, which involved a father and daughter being trapped in their Florida home when the flooding waters of a Category 5 hurricane causing nearby alligators to make it their new nesting grounds, and we were IMMEDIATELY on board.

Add on the fact that it was coming from Sam Raimi's production company (Don't Breathe, 30 Days Of Night, Drag Me To Hell) and director Alexandre Aja (The Hills Have Eyes, Switchblade Romance), and this was lining up to be unmissable for anyone who loves scary movies.

So when JOE sat down with Aja and his leading lady Kaya Scodelario (Skins, The Maze Runner) and began talking about scary movies, we didn't expect to end up talking about the HORRORS of making this particular movie.

While the usual topics came up, including favourite (modern) scary movies, strong female influences, and what projects they're up to next, but when we specifically began talking about Crawl, and the specific difficulties of shooting a movie in a series of giant pools of water, there were some surprising and hilarious revelations.

Scodelario told us that she has an intense fear of her fingers and toes getting pruned when she's in the bath for too long, so filming 12 to 16 hour days for Crawl forced her to face these very specific fears.

Plus they told us that there were some intense rules in place by the Health & Safety folk when it came to peeing in the pool, and how everyone found out when those rules were broken...

Check out our conversation with them both right here:


Crawl arrives in Irish cinemas right now.

Check out the full trailer right here.

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