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21st Feb 2018

Netflix’s new show wants to manipulate people into committing murder

Rory Cashin

Can people be pushed to the absolute limit?

Derren Brown has long been associated with interesting social experiments that brings people to the brink of the psychological capabilities before taking a step back to see what they’ll do next, but with his next project, he is taking it even further.

One poor chap is put in the centre of 70 actors, and as the situation slowly begins to spin out of control, The Push asks whether or not, if under the right amount of type of pressure, can an everyday person can be forced into committing murder?

So, basically, it is like watching that David Fincher/Michael Douglas movie The Game, except from the actors’ side the entire time.

Brown is launching his latest social experiment with Netflix, and usually these shows are great tweet-along events when they played out previously on terrestrial TV.

So this type of launch for his show will be a social experiment all by itself to see how this new format aligns with the project.

On top of that, we’d almost be more interested to check back in with the random dude a year from now, to see how the fact that he almost killed someone (or didn’t?) has impacted his mental state.

The Push will be available to watch on Netflix from Tuesday 27 February.

Clip via Netflix

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