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15th Apr 2019

Derry Girls creator Lisa McGee finally answers the mystery about ‘The Big Bowl’

Paul Moore

Derry Girls bowl

A hilarious mystery that Ma Mary needed to know more about.

The great news is that we’re living in a world where Season 3 of Derry Girls is definitely happening and after that news was announced, we were happier than Orla after she thought she found the polar bear.

It’s going to be a bit of a wait until the new episodes arrive but given the wonderful standards that Lisa McGee has achieved in the first two seasons, we’re confident that Season 3 is going to be absolutely cracker.

After James proudly proclaimed to the whole world that he’s a Derry girl, the Season 2 finale was pure euphoria and the perfect way to end the season.

As we all know, being a Derry girl is a fucking state of mind and it’s arguable that nobody is more of a Derry girl than Ma Mary.

When she’s not delivering withering putdowns, ruling over the Quinn house, or worrying about things like Keyser Soze’s true identity, Ma Mary is obsessed with the tiny details of everyday suburban life.

Be honest, how much of your own mother do you see in Tara Lynne O’Neill’s character?

In Season 2, we saw Ma Mary panic over polar bears, lose the rag after the gang devoured the Christmas goodies, fret that she’d never get to see London’s Burning, and give envious looks towards the residents of Strabane after they got their wheelie bins.

However, the biggest mystery surrounds ‘the big bowl’ from the first episode.

As you may remember, Deirdre Mallon (Michelle’s mam) gifted the bowl to the Quinns and when Mary tried to return it, Mrs Mallon told her to hold onto it.


Was it shoddy? Is there a problem with the bowl? Does Deirdre think that the Quinn family did something sinister with it?

Truth be told, much like Ma Mary, people were obsessed with discovering the mystery of the big bowl and during a recent interview with JOE, Lisa McGee finally answered why Deirdre Mallon doesn’t want her bowl anymore.

“I do have an answer but I’m afraid that I’ll let people down! I’m afraid that it’s going to be disappointing,” said McGee.

“I think Michelle’s mam has gone through a period where she has been doing a lot of cooking and baking for everyone. She wasn’t being appreciated by everyone so she wanted to give away the big bowl to teach her family a lesson. However, nobody noticed! She made this big statement where she’s like ‘well, f**k you then!’ That’s my sort of secret theory. On Twitter, some people came at me with some wild theories that were much better than that!”

When people are that emotionally invested in a bowl, you know you’ve a good show on your hands.

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