The creator of Peaky Blinders has revealed what his next show is going to be 1 year ago

The creator of Peaky Blinders has revealed what his next show is going to be

The new show will be arriving exclusively on Apple TV+.

Steven Knight is an incredibly productive person.


Peaky Blinders kicked off in 2013, three years after the initial run of hit quiz show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, which Knight (pictured with Cillian Murphy above) also created.

Since then he scripted movies for Tom Hardy (Locke), Eric Bana (Closed Circuit), Bradley Cooper (Burnt), Brad Pitt (Allied), Matthew McConaughey (Serenity), Anne Hathaway (Locked Down) and Kirsten Stewart (Spencer).

He also created new shows Taboo (also with Tom Hardy), See (with Jason Momoa), before getting round to finishing off Peaky Blinders earlier this year.

While there is a Peaky Blinders movie on the way in lieu of a seventh season, Knight is already moving on to his next big show.


The Hollywood Reporter announced that Knight will be working with director Stefano Sollima (Without Remorse, Sicario 2) on Ferrari, a new series for Apple TV+.

The show's official synopsis is as follows:

"Five years. Five drivers. Five deaths. One trial. In the name of passion, in the pursuit of pure speed. At the centre of it all a titanic man, complex and multifaceted, who dedicated his genius to the mission of building the fastest racing car in history. Enzo Ferrari: his name became a boast, an aspiration, and ultimately legend. But there was a trail of tragedy and torment along the way.

"Between 1956 and 1961, deeply wounded by the tragic death of his firstborn son Dino and by what he considered a betrayal by his lead driver Juan Manuel Fangio, Enzo Ferrari rebuilds his racing team from scratch, selecting five promising rising stars of motor racing to fight for victory."


Of the new project, Knight said:

"I am thrilled to be telling such an evocative story about this legendary man and his iconic brand. Enzo Ferrari’s utterly extraordinary life was defined by his dramatic personal and professional journey, and Ferrari is a celebration of an incredibly complex and fascinating human being."

However, the project will have direct competition from a movie, also titled Ferrari, about the exact same topic. The film is being directed by Michael Mann (Heat, The Insider), and is set to star Adam Driver in the titular role.