Horror fans, rejoice - Final Destination is coming back 3 years ago

Horror fans, rejoice - Final Destination is coming back

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It appears that Final Destination has actually cheated death.

What is dead may never die.


That's a Game of Thrones quote but it applies to the news that the Final Destination franchise will breathe once more.

If you're unfamiliar, Final Destination was one of the more respectable post-Scream 'horror is smart and self-referential and cool now' wave of genre movies that happened along in the late 90s and early 2000s.

It was also a huge success, pulling in around $112 million from a reported $23 million budget, which was pretty big business back in 2000.

Many sequels followed - four in total - with the fifth film bringing about an ultimately merciful end in 2011.


The gimmick - people escape certain death in an elaborate incident only to find the grim reaper picking them off one by one via increasingly OTT and gory accidents - was fairly ran into the ground by then, but it's been almost a decade so it's time for a resurrection.

New Line Cinema, the picture house behind the Nightmare on Elm Street series and more modern scary fare like the IT remake and The Conjuring universe, are officially back on board.

Also signed up are Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan, who will provide the script having previously worked on four of the Saw movies - IV, V, VI and 3D, so not the best ones, sadly - and Piranha 3DD.

There's no release date or plot details as of yet, but the word is that we are indeed looking at a full-on revitalisation as the franchise looks to start over from scratch.


One thing is for certain, though; they can't give it a snappy title like 'The Final Destination' because they've already done that.

Destination Final, anyone?

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