Semi-pro footballer enters Love Island villa without telling his club 1 year ago

Semi-pro footballer enters Love Island villa without telling his club

They didn't even get a text.

After less than a week, Winter Love Island is already starting to heat up.


Although it might not have the same appeal as the most recent summer season, we've still had drama, romance, and a shock exit after just two episodes.

And by the sounds of it, the drama isn't going anywhere any time soon.

Two new contestants were teased at the end of Wednesday's episode, one of them being semi-professional footballer Finley Tapp.

But it has emerged that Tapp, who plays for Oxford City FC, did not inform his club that he was going on the reality TV show.

Oxford City revealed late on Wednesday night that they were unaware of Tapp's upcoming appearance on the show but took it in their stride, acknowledging that keeping schtum is normal protocol for all contestants and wishing him luck on the show.


They even threw up a clip of Tapp scoring the winner in a recent clash against league leaders Wealdstone (Oxford City FC play in the National League South, the sixth tier of football across the water) with a textbook Love Island reference for good measure.

Finn has said that he is not afraid to cause a bit of a stir in the villa, saying: "It’ll be great if I come out of the villa with mates but if I need to step on toes to get the girl I like, I’ll do it."

The club also clarified "inaccurate" information that had been circulating about a head injury suffered by Tapp:



The 20-year-old defender, who used to play for MK Dons, said that if he were to describe himself in three words, they would be "loud, outgoing and good looking". We know.

Last year's winner (Ireland's own Greg O'Shea) was also a semi-professional athlete, so we could be seeing quite a lot of Finn over the coming weeks.

Oxford City, however, probably won't be seeing him for a while...