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17th Mar 2014

Five famous fictional Pats, Patricks, Paddys, but never Pattys!

With Saint Patrick's Day fast approaching, we decided to look at some famous fictional characters who have been called Pat, Patrick or Paddy.

Eric Lalor

With Saint Patrick’s Day fast approaching, we decided to look at some famous fictional characters who have been called Pat, Patrick or Paddy.

Pat Mustard


One of the most revered characters in the Father Ted series, Pat Mustard made the dairy business sexy with his smooth charm and irresistible personality. His romantic conquests on Craggy Island are the stuff of legend and we defy any woman to tell us that they didn’t find this hunk of an Irishman to be oozing anything other than pure animal magnetism.

Mrs Doyle was unable to resist his advances and she is well known for her abstinence towards intimacy. If Pat Mustard can crack Mrs Doyle, he can crack anyone. As one of the stickers on his milk float proudly proclaimed ‘Milkmen do it on your doorstep’.

Patrick Star


The starfish from SpongeBob Squarepants is hands down our favourite starfish. He’s the neighbour and close friend of SpongeBob and although not the sharpest knife in the aquarium, he is always worth a giggle. He walks around all day in his colourful trunks oblivious to most of what is going on around him.

It’s the complete randomness of his quotes which keep us entertained, “Is mayonnaise an instrument?” or this zinger which typifies the echinoderm to a tee, ‘”It may be stupid, but it’s also dumb.” There is nothing, however, which can match this piece of literary genius, “Mary had a little lamb, whose fleece was white as, PICKLE FISH LIPS!” So true Patrick, so true….

Postman Pat


Pat Clifton works for the Royal Mail in Greendale. He’s better known as Postman Pat and he’s got a black and white cat called Jess. He’s a no nonsense, get the job done kind of a guy and we admire his constant cheery demeanour as he delivers mail to all the residents of Greendale.

It can’t be easy getting up at that hour of the morning to deliver post, yet he is never anything other than positively buzzing about the day ahead. He may be a postman, but he is more of a superhero. He delivers mail with gusto, but if there is anything else that needs sorting, Pat’s the man. If it’s a cat up a tree or a punctured tyre, never fear because Pat is here and he will not relent until your problem goes away. Postman Pat is a hero and we salute you.

Pat Butcher


Pat Butcher was the huge hooped ear ring wearing woman from Eastenders. She was also known as Pat Evans, Pat Harris, Pat Beale and Pat Wicks, but it’s the Butcher surname she is best renowned for. She married Frank Butcher and so began the legend of Albert Square.

She never really settled on a career, as she worked a myriad of different jobs, including prostitute, barmaid, businesswoman, pub landlady, B&B landlady, cleaner, bookkeeper, waitress, bookmaker. Pat Butcher was a good friend to know, but woe betide any person who dared to cross her. She’d do that speaking-out-of-the-side-of-her-mouth thing which had echoes of Jimmy Cagney. You would know then that you had entered a world of pain, Pat Butcher pain.

Paddy O’Shea

Paddy was one half of legendary Phoenix Nights duo, Max and Paddy (pic on the right above). The bouncers from Phoenix Nights had their own spin-off series titled Max and Paddy’s Road To Nowhere. Paddy was the younger of the two and was known for his catchphrases, the most famous being ‘Ding dang doo’.

Played by the comedian and actor, Paddy McGuinness, he gained a cult following amongst the normal lads of society. He was identifiable due to his love for pornography, sex and food. The three basic commodities of survival right there. Here is Paddy O’Shea showing remarkable subtlety as he goes on a charm offensive with some ladies in a nightlcub…

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