The full potential of Loki's powers have not yet been realised 1 month ago

The full potential of Loki's powers have not yet been realised

Okay, we know we said this last week, but THIS is the biggest theory we've got so far...

Over the course of the years and many MCU movies that he has appeared in, we thought we had seen the depths of Loki's abilities.


He can change his form and he can create visions and hide things (like secret knives to ALMOST stab Thanos), but all those powers tied in with the fact that he is the God Of Mischief, and Loki has only really used his powers for evil.

Plus we all know that Loki is a smart guy - not Tony Stark / Bruce Banner smart, but emotionally smart and manipulatively smart - and seeing him so completely out of his depth within the TVA is consistently brilliant, especially with Mobius laying his cards on the table, telling Loki that he only exists to assist other people becoming better versions of themselves.

It was a particularly cutting line of dialogue, but it also got us thinking, with Loki now able to travel across space and time and with the newly revealed Lady Loki (if that is going to be her real name) setting off bombs all across the sacred timeline, will this be Loki's chance to go back and right some wrongs?

And not just some of his wrongs, but some of the biggest wrongs in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

On the very first episode of TBR Spotlight: Loki [LISTEN from 02:15 below], Eoghan and Rory discuss a potentially BONKERS (but also potentially brilliant) theory about the future (and past) of Loki in the MCU...

During the second episode of the series, we get a little education on Loki's powers from Loki himself.


When Mobius is giving a rundown on the other Variant they're hunting, Loki takes offence at his powers being bullet-pointed so briefly and takes a moment to spell out something very specific, which feels like it was more for us (the viewers) than for Mobius:


That still sounds very complicated to us, but essentially it means at that Loki can make you see lots of things that aren't really there.

So what if we got to see Loki use these powers for good instead of evil? What if, in particular, he created a vision of someone else when they needed it most?

And that is where our big swing comes in... What if that wasn't Natasha we see at the bottom of the mountain in Vormir?


Could Loki not have projected that and simply snatched her mid-fall? Are there other points in the history of the MCU that Loki could be going back to in order to right some wrongs? Will he eventually be able to be reunited with his mother Frigga and somehow save her from the death in The Dark World?

The mind truly boggles at the potential of his powers if he were to use them in this way...

The first two episodes of Loki are available to watch on Disney+ right now, and the third episode will arrive on Wednesday, 23 June.