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20th Dec 2017

Game of Thrones creator confirms that a certain character is definitely dead

Paul Moore

Game of Thrones recap

Plenty of people were wondering.

If you happen to be one of the *seven people in the realm that still hasn’t seen the recent season of Game of Thrones, consider this to be your spoiler alert.

*Yeah, yeah. We know. Maybe there are people that are getting the box set for Christmas and plan on binging over the Christmas break. Seriously, who hasn’t watched Game of Thrones yet?

Anyways, spoilers are coming.

With Season 8 currently in production, Game of Thrones fans have turned to the recent release of Season 7 on DVD to get them through those long nights without any GOT action. With the new season set to air in 2019 – according to Sophie Turner – The North is going to need as many soldiers as possible because Winter is here and the dead come with it.

During the finale of the superb ‘Beyond the Wall‘, the Night King definitely got the upper hand against Jon Snow’s suicide squad because aside from turning Viserion into a ‘dragon wight’, things got even more personal for the King in the North when his Uncle Benjen was attacked.

From the very beginning of the show, it’s clear that Jon and Benjen had a very special bond that was valued by ‘The Bastard of Winterfell.’ Jon loved his uncle and he was his hero growing up. Given the fact that he was a badass First Ranger of the Night’s Watch, you could argue that Benjen was Jon’s biggest reason and influence in taking the black.

Of course, Uncle Benjen vanished beyond the Wall until his timely intervention saved Meera and Bran from certain death.

This being said, Benjen told his nephew that after being killed by wights he was brought back by the Children of the Forest, who pierced his heart with dragonglass.

There are various theories that Benjen also knows about Jon’s true parentage (as Ned’s only surviving sibling, maybe he trusted Benjenwith that information), but that he might’ve even risked his own life to save Jon because (like Melisandre) he believes Jon is Azor Ahai.

Regarding Benjen’s future in the show, fans of the show were wondering about his fate but it appears that we won’t be seeing him again.

Speaking on the Season 7 DVD commentary, director of Beyond the Wall, Alan Taylor, confirms that Benjen Stark does indeed die after rescuing Jon.

“He meets his end here,” says Taylor.

Of course, in Game of Thrones, we know that nobody is truly dead – hello resurrection and wights – but we think it’s fair to say that the thinking, living and non-wight version of Benjen is dead.

And Now His Watch Is Ended.

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