Here's all the good stuff coming to Netflix in August 4 years ago

Here's all the good stuff coming to Netflix in August

New month, new Netflix additions

July saw Netflix bring out some top entertainment, thanks to the duo of Bojack Horseman and Stranger Things, and the streaming service will be continuing its raft of top television and movie choices this summer with some smart August additions.

Here's our look at some of the best bits coming to Netflix next month.

Colin Farrell The Lobster interview

The Lobster - 8 August

Colin Farrell stars as a man who moves to a facility in the not too distant future where he looks to meet his ideal partner, or risk being turned into an animal of his choosing. That doesn't even begin to sum up the beauty and the oddness of this absolute treat of a film.

Green Wing

Green Wing (Season 1) - released 1 August

The brilliant Channel 4 hospital based sitcom will be making its way to Netflix next month. Perfect post-pub viewing.


Power (Season 3) - released 1 August

It may have only debuted on 17 July in the States, but the 50 Cent produced series Power is already getting a run out on UK Netflix. Ghost's enemies are out for blood this the season is all about, "Be careful what you wish for."


Scream (Season 2) - released 1 August

MTV's Scream is back, and there's a new (maybe) killer on the loose hunting down the Lakewood Six survivors. More fun, schlocky, campy entertainment.


Sicario - released 1 August

The sleeper hit of last year, Sicario sees DEA agent Emily Blunt get in waaaaaaay over her head while tracking a Mexican drug kingpin. Tensely acted, with a superb score, this is the "Apocalypse Now" of Drug War movies.

Chris Rock Good Hair

Good Hair - released 3 August 

Your documentary of the month is Good Hair, Chris Rock's fascinating look at afro hair, weaves, relaxer and more. Get a look into a world you'd rarely give thought about.

The Little Prince

The Little Prince - released 5 August

Much loved children's book The Little Prince gets a 21st century update in this sumptuous stop motion 3D adaptation. A must watch.


Brooklyn - released 8 August

The lovely Saoirse Ronan romantic drama will be making its way to Netflix next month. Get it queued for a chilled weepy Sunday. We won't tell if you don't.


The Get Down (season 1) - released 12 August 

The much anticipated musical drama series The Get Down will be dropping in a few weeks.

Produced by Romeo + Juliet's Baz Luhrmann, The Get Down has been described as a "mythic saga of the transformation of 1970s New York City told through the lives and music of a ragtag crew of South Bronx teens."

Sounds promising.


Gotham (season 2) - released 15 August

The second season of Gotham was where the show learned how to lean into the weird. By doubling down on their baddie quotient and upping the stakes in just about everything, the Rise of the Villains arc turned the show into something rather special.


Creed - released 8 August

One of the top films of 2015, Creed took the Rocky formula and injected it with fresh talent.

Thanks to the filmmaker duo of director Ryan Coogler and actor Michael. B Jordan, Creed gave us  one of the best boxing films of all time. We're still annoyed Sly Stallone didn't get the Oscar for his role in this and all.


Wolf Hall (season 1) - released 25 August

Like your walking and talking period dramas? BBC adaptation Wolf Hall manages to turn the political machinations of Thomas Cromwell and Henry VIII's Tudor Court into something approximately 324x more interesting than this sentence. Superbly acted and written, trust us and give it a go.