Here's why there's a lot of people giving out about Jermaine Pennant online 10 months ago

Here's why there's a lot of people giving out about Jermaine Pennant online

It's all to do with CBB.

The latest series of Celebrity Big Brother is currently ongoing, and we'll be 100% straight with you, we've watched very little of it.

But one of the main contestants this season is former footballer Jermaine Pennant, who is on it, basically, to promote his new book.

The former Liverpool, Arsenal, Birmingham (we could go on like this for a while) player has been far from low key during his time in the house.

In fact, it looks as if Pennant had been trying to strike up a relationship with one of the other contestants on the show, model Chloe Ayling.

Jermaine Pennant

This would be all well and good... if Pennant wasn't married and on a show which is broadcast on national television.

The pair had been leaving messages for each other around the house, and Pennant swapped beds to sleep beside Ayling.

It ended up with Pennant pulling Ayling into a bathroom, attempting to turn her mic off and telling her to tell people it was just banter. He told her she has to start "fu**ing tell[ing] no one what happened".

The duo had been flirting on the show over the past few weeks, only for Chloe to find out he was very much in a relationship when she was evicted from the show recently.

When Ayling was evicted, she was told that Pennant was, in fact, married.

"I don't even have any words, to be honest. That is disgusting," Ayling said.

"To be married and go and crack on with someone on TV when your wife will see that, it's disgusting."

Speaking to the Metro, Ayling said: "I would apologise. But then I’d have to say that I can only go by what he’s told me and I know nothing else.

"I’m sorry this has happened but then it’s his problem and I don’t think he’s worth it at all if he’d publicly do that in front of your wife watching at home."

Pennant has been married to glamour model Alice Goodwin since 2014.