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07th Mar 2019

There was a huge reaction to the first part of Michael Jackson documentary Leaving Neverland

Rory Cashin

leaving neverland

The first half of the two-part doc aired on Wednesday night.

Ever since it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January, the controversial documentary Leaving Neverland: Michael Jackson & Me has been a huge talking point for any and all viewers who have seen it.

Soon after it debuted on American TV on HBO, and this week viewers in Ireland and the UK can watch the documentary in-full across two nights on Channel 4.

On Wednesday night, the first part of the film aired, and the response online was immediate and intense.

There was definitely two camps that viewers seemed to primarily find themselves in, the first being those who found Leaving Neverland to be almost entirely untrue, or at least extremely unfair that it all occurred after Michael Jackson had passed away and was no longer able to defend himself against the accusations:

And those who believe that victim-shaming is part of the bigger problem, and was probably the main reason why it took the reported victims so long to come forward in the first place:

Part Two of Leaving Neverland airs on Channel 4 tonight (Thursday 7 March) at 9pm.