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25th Jan 2019

The Big Reviewski Ep2 with James McAvoy, sad Oscars people & randy Clint Eastwood

Eoghan Doherty

Clint Eastwood

Greetings film fans!

Remember when we said The Big Reviewski is back? And that it’s bigger and better than ever before?

Well, guess what?

Now it’s even BIGGER and even BETTER than before AGAIN!

We know that’s hard to believe, but this week, prodigal son and professional death-beater, Rory Cashin, made a spectacular comeback to the show to take his place alongside Eoghan DohertyPaul Moore and Justine Stafford on the comfiest red chairs in the world.

*For the second week running, crowd goes wild, loses the run of themselves, all hell breaks loose*

Following on from last week’s cracking first show, the gang are joined by The King Of Scotland AKA Professor Charles Xavier AKA the very charming James McAvoy as he talks Glass and gets called names by Paul.


Plus, there’s an important and intellectual discussion about why Clint Eastwood has so many goddamn three-ways in his new film about a donkey.

Don’t ask, just watch and listen below…

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Cool Bruce at the beach,

Breathless Anderton aims high,

Sally’s bird is cooked.