Jamie Lee Curtis announces plans for 2022 Halloween movie festival in Ireland 1 month ago

Jamie Lee Curtis announces plans for 2022 Halloween movie festival in Ireland

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Horror fans, keep your schedule free for this!

Jamie Lee Curtis has been playing the character of Laurie Strode for pretty much two-thirds of her entire life.


The original 1978 Halloween came out when the actress was just 19, and over the decades since - on top of building an incredible career with massive hits like True Lies, A Fish Called Wanda, Trading Places, Knives Out, Freaky Friday, My Girl, The Fog and so many more - she has returned to the franchise that introduced her to most of the world.

This October, Jamie Lee Curtis embarks on the middle movie of the new Halloween Trilogy, which kicked off with 2018's Halloween and will end with 2022's fittingly titled Halloween Ends. But before then, we've got Halloween Kills, which picks up right where the 2018 movie left off, with Michael Myers in a burning house and Laurie Strode with a knife in her belly.

In the run-up to the release of the movie, we were lucky enough to sit down with the legendary actress (via Zoom) and discuss the new scary film.

Check out the full interview right here:

Over the course of the chat, which includes a deep dive on why audiences love Laurie Strode and her fellow big screen survivors like Ellen Ripley and Sarah Connor, we also brought up the deep connections between Halloween and Ireland.

When we mention to the actress that not only does Halloween actually have its origins in Ireland, but that the Irish city of Derry completely locks down to celebrate it every year, Jamie Lee Curtis starts making plans:


"You know what? I'm gonna tell that to my friends at Universal so that next year, when we release the last of the trilogy, maybe we'll make a good Derry appearance. You'll moderate the Q&A."

Going further into the 2022 schedule with her Universal colleagues, Curtis tells us:

"What they're gonna do, is we're gonna screen the 1978 movie, the 2018 movie, the 2021 movie and finish with the 2022 movie in a two-day film festival that is going to end with a Q&A with you and me talking about the 2022 film.

"By the time I get to Europe, it will be after the release in America," Curtis tells us, before checking in with Universal officials for the release date of Halloween Ends in the States and in Europe. "So I'll be with you in Derry around the 22nd. We're locking it in. We'll be in Derry on the 22nd. I will try to get [writer and director] David Gordon Green to join me."

Just like every other horror movie fan, we're already excited about being there, front row centre.


Halloween Kills arrives in Irish cinemas on Friday, 15 October.

Clip via Universal Ireland

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