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07th Feb 2014

JOE On The Go: What to watch on Aertv tonight

JOE and Aertv have got your evening's viewing sorted...

Eric Lalor

Fancy giving the kettle an aul boil, putting your feet up and chilling in for the night?

Well, JOE and Aertv have got your evening’s viewing sorted as we’ve picked out a terrific TV choice for you to sit back and enjoy. Go on, you’ve earned it…

If you’re out and about and on the go though, fear not, the brilliantly mobile Aertv has got you covered too – you’ll be able to watch TV your way, with no more fighting over the remote control. Whether you’re on the couch, hiding in the utility room, lying in the bed or watching in the toilet – we won’t judge you, we promise.


Flaming Star – TG4 9.35pm

The history of the Wild West is well documented. The Native American struggle against the oppression of the white man. It’s formed the blueprint for many a classic film over the years. You can’t beat a good Western. Now you just add the king of rock n roll, Mr Elvis Aaron Presley to the mix and we think you’ve got yourself a potential epic. Elvis plays the son in a mixed marriage. His mother is Native American hailing from the Kiowa tribe and his father is the quintessential white man.

His loyalties are tested to the max when the Kiowa tribe go toe to toe with the white settlers. This is a test which could potentially tear any man apart. Not our Elvis though. When all hell is breaking loose, there’s only one thing you can do if you are Elvis Presley. Yes, that’s right, you whip out the guitar and sing a few ditties and all of a sudden, your problems melt away. Elvis is the perfect antidote to war. If he were alive today, we reckon he would be the head of the UN peace keeping force. Nobody messes with Elvis


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