JOE’s top five picks to play Wonder Woman 8 years ago

JOE’s top five picks to play Wonder Woman

The wonderfully womanly Wonder Woman hit the headlines this week after the CEO of Warner Bros. commented that the studio “need to get Wonder Woman on the big screen or TV.”

Kevin Tsujihara passed the comment while speaking to an audience at a recent entertainment law conference, where it was subsequently picked up by The Hollywood Reporter.


What was probably just a throwaway remark from Tsujihara has now snowballed into typical fanboy frenzy, as Wonder Woman fans the world over (of which JOE is one) began to excitedly fantasise speculate as to who might fill the iconic role (and costume) made famous by Lynda Carter in the 1970s TV series:


That fanboy feud has since spilled out of our Internet computer-boxes and into the real world, and now the JOEs in the JOE office have picked our favourite actresses who could possibly play Princess Diana of Themyscira.

Melissa "Missy" Peregrym

The Canadian actress and model is still relatively unknown and is probably best remembered as the lead in 2006’s Stick It.

In fact, she's probably not even remembered for that because no one saw it and it was terrible anyway.

The physical capabilities of the action-packed Wonder Woman role would certainly prove to be no problem whatsoever for the former gymnast, as you can probably see from the carefully chosen picture below:



Plus, she looks like a female version of Hilary Swank:

Olivia Munn

Again, another actress who hasn't made it big just quite yet, Olivia Munn is a fanboy's dream girl due to the fact that she's also a fanboy herself. Except that she's a girl. A fangirl if you will.


Look, here's wonderful, lovely proof of the fact that she actually is a Wonder Woman fangirl:


As well as some wonderful, lovely proof that she's also a girl, plain and simple:



Gemma Arterton

The gorgeous English actress is a big favourite here at JOE HQ, mainly because one of the deluded staff thinks that she actually fancies him. Ha! Fat chance. (You can probably tell that it's not this specific jealous JOE).

Arterton has, over the past number of years, started choosing roles that are more action-packed so playing the, ahem, titular Wonder Woman in a Wonder Woman film definitely wouldn’t be too much of a stretch.




Cobie Smulders

Ah, Cobie Smulders.

She certainly does. Wahey!

Plying her trade as Robin in the hit comedy How I Met Your Mother, Smulders probably wouldn't be considered due to her role as Agent Hill in Avengers Assemble.

Still though, we can always dream...


And this probably isn't your typical Wonder Woman outfit but we don't really mind...


Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Last but certainly not least is the excellent actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Now, she may not have played many roles where she's required to beat the livin' bejaysus out of multiple henchmen and save all of mankind, but she does play John McClane's daughter in Die Hard 4.0 and that's got to count for something, right?

We're pretty sure some of his ass-kicking abilities would have been passed on to her in some sort of genetic way. Trust us, it's science.




We know you’re reading this article Warner Bros. so cast whoever you think is right for the role but, whatever you do, please don’t let it be this guy. ANYBODY but this guy: