John Wick writer to bring wacky video game Just Cause to the big screen 4 years ago

John Wick writer to bring wacky video game Just Cause to the big screen

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First unleashed in 2006, Just Cause came off as a loud hybrid of Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row, and Far Cry.


A knowingly over the top open world actioner, Just Cause lends itself quite well to a movie adaptation, you'd think.

Sure enough, a cinema project has been mooted, but has been languishing in dreaded 'development hell' for some time.

Step forward John Wick writer Derek Kolstad, who has been given the green light to finally get this thing off the ground, at least at script level.

Variety reports that German-based production company Constantin Film - perhaps best known for the Resident Evil franchise and the recent, ill-fated Fantastic Four reboot - have acquired the rights to adapt Just Cause.


Treating it as a "top priority", Constantin intend to start filming in 2020, following Rico Rodriguez and his frenetic efforts to thwart mercenary group The Black Hand.

No word on a director or cast just yet, but Kolstad feels like the right man for this job, given how elaborate, high fantasy, and ultra-violent the John Wick series has turned out thus far.

Speaking of, we already have a release date for John Wick 4, with studio Lionsgate confirming Keanu Reeves' return for 21 May 2021.

Also in the gaming adaptation world; Mortal Kombat is coming back, with Conjuring and Aquaman helmer James Wan set to work in a producer capacity.


Let's hope at least one of these breaks the 'video game movie' curse, eh?

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