Kelsey Grammer pours cold water on the proposed Frasier reboot 5 years ago

Kelsey Grammer pours cold water on the proposed Frasier reboot

What is a boy to do?

Last week brought the intriguing news that beloved sitcom Frasier is heading for possible reboot territory, with star Kelsey Grammer exploring options on how to bring it back.


Shortly after, the actor sat down with Entertainment Tonight to provide a few pertinent details.

"This is something we’ve been discussing," he confirmed.

"We have wondered where he might be, but he left for Chicago in the last episode of the show so we have to deal with that at least. I mean, he left to go be with his lady love who probably didn’t stay with him but you know… some evolution has taken place.”

In the same interview, Grammer seemingly argued for a change of scenery should his neurotic radio psychiatrist make a return to the small screen.


Now, he appears to have performed something of a u-turn, noting that he's "not sure" if the project is worth pursuing.

Speaking to Vulture at the premiere of his new Netflix film Like Father, the 63-year-old moved to clarify initial reports, and potentially break a lot of erudite insult-loving hearts in the process.

“Honestly, I’m not sure it’s something I really want to do," he said.

"We are discussing what is the right thing to try to do. What would make it interesting? That’s the nut that must be cracked.”


Grammer addressed the idea of a completely fresh start for the show and its characters, noting that he wouldn't prefer to update the setting, after all.

“I do not picture that, no.” he confirmed.

“Certainly I think everyone that was on the show should be on this show, and then go from there. I know that some people have written things that are different than that, but they got a lot of it wrong.”

As noted in the Vulture chat, Grammer does seem somewhat keen on the idea of bringing Frasier and his son Frederick back together, possibly in a bid to capture some of the magic he previous shared with the late John Mahoney.


“I think there’s certainly some distance to go with that,” said Grammer.

“I think there’s a kernel of good thinking there, that the relationship becomes the Martin/Frasier relationship.”