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04th Oct 2015

Lethal Weapon is going to be made into a TV show

Great news for fans of the movie

Alan Loughnane

“I’m too old for this shit”…

We’re huge fans of Riggs and Murtaugh and we find it difficult to imagine anyone other than Danny Glover and Mel Gibson playing the roles, but it seems we won’t have to imagine much longer.

Lethal Weapon is the latest film to make the jump from the big screen to TV as the FOX network announced plans to convert the famous film franchise into a TV series.

The original film starring Glover and Gibson was a huge hit that went on to spawn three sequels.


The show is set to be written by Matt Miller but there is no word yet on whether Glover or Gibson will reprise their roles.

But seeing as Glover constantly said he was “getting too old for this shit” in the original movies, it seems quite unlikely that we’ll see the dynamic duo make a return.

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