Louis Theroux reveals which celebrity he'd most like to make a documentary about 3 years ago

Louis Theroux reveals which celebrity he'd most like to make a documentary about

He already tackled Cruise in My Scientology Movie.

Louis Theroux returns to our screens in early November with Louis Theroux’s Altered States - a series of three new films shot in America, investigating the worlds of adoption, polyamory and assisted suicide.


JOE was lucky enough to attend an advanced screening of the first film in the trilogy, 'Love Without Limits', and we’re happy to say it is very, very good. To be honest, Louis Theroux doesn’t really make bad films, but even then, this is a particularly great one, effortlessly switching from an emotional examination of the effects of living in an unorthodox relationship, to some vintage Weird Weekends style comedy when Louis attends a ‘Sensual Eating’ class.

The screening was followed by a post-film Q and A, where Theroux was asked what he might like to do next. His response was that he’d like to go back to doing some more programmes about well-known figures.

"I would like to get back to doing some celebrities profiling,” said Theroux, “reinventing the When Loius Met… [series]".


And who would be his dream subject? He replied with a very lofty target.

"If it was a dream list, it would probably be Tom Cruise," Theroux replied.

"I was thinking about this. You’d have to get full access to him in his Scientology mode. You would want to follow him when he’s with David Miscavige, the head of Scientology.

"You know, he’s now got a little apartment in Clearwater, Florida. Him doing his superpower training, Scientology drills, it would be amazing."


And while we agree, that it would be a fascinating film, it is highly unlikely to happen. Cruise doesn’t give many interviews, and the Church of Scientology doesn’t exactly welcome in journalists.

Louis Theroux of course already made a film on the controversial sect though, in 2015’s My Scientology Movie. His only theatrical film, it saw him recruit actors to play Cruise and Miscavige in recreations of stories from those who have left the Church.