Louis Theroux creates his own production company with lots of "exciting projects in development" already 1 year ago

Louis Theroux creates his own production company with lots of "exciting projects in development" already

There's more Louis to come. YES!

While we're not privy to his private life, we wonder if there's a list of career goals that Louis Theroux has to get Theroux through?


Hang out with prisoners on death row? He's done that. Immerse yourself in the Westboro Baptist Church? He's done that also...three times to be exact! Almost star in a porno? Yep, he can cross that one off too.

Simply put, it's arguable that Theroux is the greatest person in the world to have a pint with because his list of interesting topics of conversations is endless.

Well, aside from being an expert broadcaster and documentarian, Theroux can now cross off 'successful author' from his imaginary career goals list and that's not all.

Deadline are reporting that Theroux has created his own production company alongside BBC Studios producer Arron Fellows. Theroux's wife, Nancy Strang, also has a stake in the new company.

In doing so, he ends his contractual relationship with the BBC that spans more than two decades. However, the BBC have stated that Theroux will continue to make features for the station.

A BBC spokeswoman said: “Louis and the BBC have a strong and long-standing relationship. We look forward to continuing to work together and already have exciting projects in development for next year. We love working with him and hope to again in the near future.

That point is important because it was rumoured that Amazon and Netflix were interested in signing Theroux to an exclusive deal.


Now that he's got his own studio, we fully expect Theroux to be quite hands-on when it comes to developing and producing new documentaries. Aside from this, we fully expect him to star in some of them, but even if he isn't on camera, his skills will still be involved.

Bring it on!