Love Island received a record number of official complaints from the public 5 years ago

Love Island received a record number of official complaints from the public

There were over 30 times the number of complaints for the latest series.

Love Island, as you are no doubt aware, is not to everyone's taste.


Which is fine. People are allowed to enjoy different things.

However, even fans of the show were left with nothing to do but to complain about the 2018 instalment of the show, which despite featuring less sex, smoking and drinking received a record number of complaints from viewers.

UK communications regulator Ofcom has revealed that they received 4,193 complaints during the show's eight-week run, a staggering 3000% increase on last year.

Most of this came during the infamous episode where Dani was shown a video of Jack seeing his ex-girlfriend enter the competition whilst they were both in the other villa.


2,525 calls were recorded on that occasion, with many viewers claiming that the producers of the show had put Dani through completely unnecessary emotional trauma.

557 people also contacted Ofcom after the episode in which Idris Virgo, the boxer from Birmingham, lied to Laura about Loyal Georgia's kiss with Jack Fowler during their date.

Complaints on the show had previously increased very slowly year-on-year, with only 15 during the very first season.


That number rose to 40 in the second outing and still only 135 people phoned in to complain last year.

Should it continue at the same rate, there will be 125,790 Ofcom complaints next year, which is more people than live in east Los Angeles.

Do with that information what you will, I'm off to phone Ofcom to complain about the number of complaints.