Marvel and Disney announced schedule change for upcoming Loki show 4 months ago

Marvel and Disney announced schedule change for upcoming Loki show

Thor has Thursday, so we guess it is only fair that Loki gets his own day too...

To date, the Marvel shows that have released on Disney Plus - both WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier - have been released weekly on Fridays.


That was set to be the case too with Loki, scheduled to kick off on Friday 11 June and run for six weeks.

However, Marvel and Disney have just announced (with a little help from Tom Hiddleston himself) that Loki will now debut on Wednesday 9 June, and will air weekly on Wednesdays throughout the first season.

Why the shift? Good question...

We stand by our earlier prediction that something happens in Loki that will have direct impact on the upcoming Black Widow movie, or vice versa, or both!

Black Widow will be debuting on Disney+ (and in cinemas, if they're open) on Friday 9 July, which would land it right between the release of the second-to-last and the last episode.

It is certainly going to generate a lot of theories and conversations, and you can guarantee we're going to be covering the lot of it in upcoming episodes of TBR Spotlight, much like we did during the run of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Check out Tom Hiddleston's announcement about the schedule change right here:


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