Matt Damon might be back on board to play Jason Bourne 10 years ago

Matt Damon might be back on board to play Jason Bourne

It's been a while since we've seen Matt Damon playing Jason Bourne, but that might be about to change

The Bourne series saw some of the biggest action movies of the last few years, and even though the franchise went on without him, Damon might be coming back to make another flick.


The lads at The Playlist are claiming that while Variety and even Damon himself have been saying there are no truth to the rumours, it seems that the piece of the jigsaw that Damon always claimed would make him come back has finally fallen in to place.

Paul Greengrass, the British director who Damon wants to work with again, is reportedly talking to Universal about coming back on board while there are apparently "simultaneous negotiations" going on with Damon too.

There were also rumours that Jeremy Renner, who played Aaron Cross in the last installment of the Bourne franchise, was in negotiations, and it's apparently not an either/or situation with regard to the two stars, meaning they may well both feature in the movie.

However, it seems that Tony Gilroy, who has a hand in scripting all of the last few Bournes, will not be back for this one, which is making this project a very intriguing one indeed.