Michael Flatley has made a spy film, and no we're not making that up 5 years ago

Michael Flatley has made a spy film, and no we're not making that up

"Some things are still worth dying for."

So goes the tagline to Michael Flatley's spy film, an actual thing that has apparently been filmed and will be released in some form in the near future.


Yes, Michael Flatley, the Lord of the Dance himself, is now making a play for Hollywood.

A lot of strange things have happened in recent years, so just roll with it.

The film in question is called Blackbird and boasts Eric Roberts of The Dark Knight, Best of the Best, and awful B-movies like The Human Centipede 3 among the cast.

Patrick Bergin of Patriot Games and Sleeping with the Enemy fame is also involved.


Not only that, but Flatley isn't just the leading man, as he's also on board as both writer and director.

Sounds like a dream project, right?

As for the plot, here's the first attempt at an official synopsis:

Troubled secret agent ‘Blackbird’ abruptly retires from service and opens a luxurious nightclub in the Caribbean to escape the dark shadows of his past.


An old flame arrives and reignites love in his life but she brings danger with her.

Sounds both intriguing and sexy, perfect caper materials right there.

There's a couple of posters doing the rounds, too:

Michael Flatley Blackbird poster 2


The second one is suitably ridiculous suave, too:

Michael Flatley Blackbird film poster

Promising the Riverdance star "as you've never seen him before", the above image is at least fairly in line with genre fare that usually puts the likes of Jason Statham and The Rock front and centre.

Not sure about the wound make-up on the face, though.

Flatley took to Twitter during the week to announce the project, and couldn't contain his delight.


"I’ve dreamt of making a movie since I was 7 years old," he said.

"Nothing great is ever easy but Nothing is Impossible!! Job Done!!!"

Eric Roberts responded, enthusing that he "loved every minute" of the production.

So yes, this is a real film and should emerge soon, hopefully. When, exactly?

Like any good mystery, that element has yet to fully make itself known. Blackbird is produced by 'Dance Lord Productions' (that one must have taken long) and has no official release date as of now.

Watch this space to see if we're dealing with a genuine classic or the latest answer to The Room...