Michael Jackson accusers have gone into detail about the upcoming documentary 4 years ago

Michael Jackson accusers have gone into detail about the upcoming documentary

The documentary, entitled Leaving Neverland has been compared to Surviving R. Kelly.

A documentary that focuses on two men as they recount their experiences of allegedly being abused by Michael Jackson is set to air on Channel 4 in the spring, and it has already attracted a great amount of controversy.


Having been compared to Surving R. Kelly, Leaving Neverland looks at the allegations of sexual abuse made against the iconic pop star.

According to Billboard, accuser James Safechuck has gone into detail regarding the decision he made to come forward for this documentary.

He said: "I was concerned about somebody just sensationalizing the story. Is this person out to just put together a piece for people to watch because it’s Michael? Or is it somebody who is going to tell the story of survivors and abuse and what that’s like?"

He went on to say that the documentary is focusing on the accusers for a reason, rather than those closest to Jackson:


“It’s the story of these two families and not of all the other people who were or weren’t abused by Michael Jackson.

"How is interviewing a person who was friends with Jackson who saw nothing going to help me tell the story? The fact that Jackson for many hours in the day was not abusing children doesn’t mean that for several hours a day he wasn’t."

Wade Robson, a second accuser who's story features heavily in the documentary, also spoke about it in detail:

"Michael was an extremely complex figure, like many people are, and there are aspects to him that are good and there are things he did in his life that were good.


"And he was also a sick man who sexually abused us and I believe many others. It’s just not black and white. These things exist at the same time. Hopefully we can all just open our minds about that."

Leaving Neverland will air to American audiences in two parts on HBO on 3 and 4 March. It is expected to come to Channel 4 in the spring of 2019.