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06th Mar 2018

QUESTION: What is the most anticipated movie of 2018?

Rory Cashin

What movie are you DYING to see this year?

We’re only into March, and we’ve already had some really great movies this year, including Black Panther, Coco,  The Post, Lady Bird, I, Tonya, The Phantom Thread, and The Shape Of Water to name but a few, but the rest of 2018 looks pretty overflowing with movies we’re really, really, REALLY excited about seeing.

It was the hot topic of this week’s episode of The Big Reviewski, and from 13:20 to 15:40 in the link below to hear Eoghan, Laura, Paul and Rory discussing their most anticipated movies of 2018:

Laura went with Mary Poppins Returns (Irish release date: 21 December), the long overdue sequel to the hit family movie from 1964, this time with Emily Blunt in the title role.

Paul went with The Predator (Irish release date: 14 September), which sees Shane Black (Shane Black, Iron Man 3) hoping to revitalise the series with some grown-up action and violence.

Eoghan, after listing pretty much every blockbuster coming out this summer, finally went with his pick(s) – A Quiet Place (Irish release date: 4 May) and Isle Of Dogs (Irish release date: 30 March) – a horror movie and hyper-quirky animated movie, respectively.

And finally, Rory went with The Meg (Irish release date: 10 August), which sees Jason Statham attempting to save a sinking submarine from a giant shark, which we can all agree, is already the greatest movie of all time.

So tell us in the comments below, which movie are you most excited about seeing in 2018?

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