A misunderstood Arnie blockbuster is among the movies on TV tonight 9 months ago

A misunderstood Arnie blockbuster is among the movies on TV tonight

To be or not to be?

There's an important Ireland match on tonight but you might want to avert your eyes, given the way things have progressed in that group thus far.


Should that be the case, or should you just need some post-match escapism, we have a fistful of movies on TV for you to sift through.

Start your engines...

X-Men: Apocalypse – Film 4 – 6.20pm

Thought Oscar Isaac wasn't capable of putting in a notably dreadful performance?



Jurassic World – Sky One / Sky Showcase – 9pm

Those pesky theme park dinosaurs are at it again.

Anna – Film 4 – 9pm


Middling enough euro-thriller with the likes of Cillian Murphy, Luke Evans, Helen Mirren and Sasha Luss on the bill.

Just Go With It – Comedy Central – 9pm

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston do the rom-com thing.

The Wolf of Wall Street – ITV4 – 10pm


In which Leonardo DiCaprio launches a thousand memes.

Last Action Hero – Film 4 – 11.20pm

Another day, another staff pick that's on quite late at night. Apologies, we don't make the schedules.

We are happy, however, to recommend this fairly misunderstood-at-the-time Arnold Schwarzenegger action comedy. As a dumb summer blockbuster, it works just fine. As a biting meta satire of Hollywood blockbusters, it's actually quite underrated.

Arnie plays the seemingly invincible fictional hero Jack Slater who gets teleported into the real world thanks to a magical cinema ticket. Explosions, one-liners and general mayhem follow.