Mrs Brown's Boys viewers furious as show 'ruins Christmas again' 9 months ago

Mrs Brown's Boys viewers furious as show 'ruins Christmas again'

"Mrs Brown's Boys should be removed from existence".

Viewers were left fuming after Mrs Brown's Boys was once again unleashed on unsuspecting television screens on Christmas Day.


Since it first aired in 2011, the show has become one of the most divisive comedies of its generation, building up a loyal fan base alongside an equally passionate group of people who just cannot stand it.

The last full series of Mrs Brown's Boys aired in 2013 but since then it has returned for a number of festive specials.

However, in recent years these have performed worse than ever in terms of audience ratings, and the show has also been continuously panned by critics.


This year seems to have been no different.

The 2022 Christmas episode – titled 'Shining Mammy' – aired on Sunday night. In it, unlucky-in-love daughter Cathy (Jennifer Gibney) begins dating a strange Englishman, who Agnes’s friend believes might be a vampire.

But the episode was slated, with many taking to Twitter to voice their anger and upset at the show.

“Mrs Brown’s Boys should be removed from existence,” wrote one person.


Another said the show was "unwatchable."

Others complained about being "forced" to watch the show, while others said they'd been left  "hoping for some comedy".


One person went as far to say that the show had "arrived to ruin Christmas again."

And another simply asked the question we all want the answer to: "Who on earth commissions that tripe?"


Another special – titled 'In Mammy’s Hair Loom' – is set to air on New Year’s Day (1 January) at 10pm on BBC One.

It was recently confirmed that Mrs Brown's Boys will be returning in 2023 for four new episodes after the Christmas special.

Brendan O'Carroll spoke to The Sun about the upcoming series and how much the show has "become part of Christmas."

He said he "gets goosebumps" when he thinks about it, comparing his show to Morecambe and Wise.

The comedian said: "People who come to the show say 'Ah, it wouldn't be Christmas without Mrs Brown.'

"You're kinda going 'Oh my God, we established that' because in my day that was Morecambe and Wise, it wasn't Christmas without Morecambe and Wise, so it's a buzz."