Neil from The Inbetweeners couldn't help but take the mickey during the English national anthem 2 years ago

Neil from The Inbetweeners couldn't help but take the mickey during the English national anthem

To be fair, you wouldn't expect anything else.

Throughout the history of The Inbetweeners, we've frequently heard Jay boast about his skills as a football player and manager. After all, Jay did have trials at West Ham and he became so good at Championship Manager that he was offered a job at the F.A.


To be fair, anyone that can take Woking from the Conference into the Champions League is clearly this generation's Brian Clough.

What we didn't expect though was to see Blake Harrison (Neil from The Inbetweeners) stealing a march on his buddy and getting to rub shoulders with the likes of Eric Cantona, Robbie Keane, Clarence Seedorf, Jaap Stam and countless other famous footballers during Soccer Aid.

As for the match, it took penalties to decide the contest after an entertaining game.

Darren Bent opened the scoring for England after being played through by Olly Murs - a legitimate sentence - and they doubled the lead after Lynch scored.

Robbie Keane did what he does best by scoring with a deft lob over David Seaman and Juan Sebastian Veron levelled things up for the World XI thanks to an assist from Ireland's record goalscorer.

Clarence Seedorf gave the World XI the lead for the very first time in the game with a cool finish but Michael Owen's late strike took the match to penalties.


Ultimately, England came out on top when it went to spot-kicks as Neil (Blake Harrison) from The Inbetweeners scored the decisive penalty -  another legitimate sentence.

Before the action even kicked-off, it's clear that Harrison has been channelling a bit of his beloved character because he couldn't help put make that gormless and goofy smile that we all love so much.

After watching him play, maybe he'll change his preferred profession from pilot airplane driver to footballer?

We reckon that 'Saucy Asda Karen' wouldn't mind dating a professional footballer?


God save our gracious Neil, eh?

Take a look.



As for the reaction, well...