A full breakdown of all of the streaming services available in Ireland 2 years ago

A full breakdown of all of the streaming services available in Ireland

Time to shop around?

You might be surprised to hear that there is more to the streaming world than Netflix.


Not to take away from the "And Chill" service, but there are options out there.

For those with no idea that there was more available out there, or simply want more information on the potential competition out there, then look no further:



Price: Starts at €7.99 per month to watch standard definition content on one screen, and goes as high as €13.99 to watch available HD and Ultra HD content on four screens at a time.

Content: You know Netflix by now, a strong mix of TV and movies, being pretty much constantly updated.

Exclusives: On the TV side, the list is impressive and ever-growing: House Of Cards, Stranger Things, Orange Is The New Black and Daredevil were how they established themselves, but the future looks brighter still, thanks to the likes of Black Mirror, Big Mouth, Mindhunter, and The Haunting Of Hill House.


On the movie side, 2018 finally showed Netflix as a contender: Roma, Bird Box, The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs, Apostle, Hold The Dark, Set It Up, The Night Comes For Us, and loads more besides. From the looks of it, 2019 is going to be ever better.



Price: €2.99 for the first six months, going up to €5.99 per month after that, available to watch on three separate devices at once.

Content: Similar to Netflix, but with less high-profile content, and a clear intention to focus more on original content going forward.


Exclusives: The Man In The High Castle, Transparent, The Marvelous Mrs. Maibel, Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, and Homecoming have all had huge success in the TV awards seasons in the last few years. Once again, 2019 looks set to build upon that even more.

Their original movies have mostly been awards magnets - Manchester By The Sea, You Were Never Really Here, Suspiria, Beautiful Boy - and looking forward it looks like they'll be sticking with that format going forward.




Price: Both the entertainment and movies pass are €15 each, which means €30 per month if you want both.

Content: The service with access to the most recent movies and TV, as it shares a lot of content with Sky Premiere and HBO.

Exclusives: Not TV exclusives per say, but they do get the likes of Game Of Thrones, True Detective, Sharp Objects, and more just hours after they've premiered on HBO in the States. There is also live access to a vast majority of Sky-related stations, resulting in access to shows ranging from Fortitude and Tin Star to Modern Family and Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club.

Ditto goes for the movies, but the blockbuster likes of Avengers: Infinity War, Red Sparrow, or Rampage months or more before they'd possibly appear on any other streaming service.




Price: €5.99 per month on up to five devices at once.

Content: All reality TV, all of the time.

Exclusives: We're not sure how exclusive any of these are, but there appears to be every iteration of every Kardashian show (from Keeping Up With to two of them taking over specific locations), as well as Real Housewives Of (American City), Dance Moms, Botched, 16 & Pregnant, and so on and so on.

Oh, and The Hills. Which was fundamentally great TV.



Price: €11.99 per month.

Content: They've tied in their video subscription service in with their Spotify-esque music subscription service, which also allows Premium customers to play YouTube videos even if they minimize the app itself. The original content is still pretty minimal in comparison to some of the other services.

Exclusives: High profile shows like Step Up: High Water and sci-fi thrillers Impulse will soon be joined by the Black Mirror-esque Weird City, and action-comedy Wayne, from the makers of Deadpool.

They've also got some original movies, but we've honestly never heard of any of them.