Netflix apologises for "unacceptable" Bloody Sunday tweet 5 days ago

Netflix apologises for "unacceptable" Bloody Sunday tweet

The post was up for over 13 hours before being deleted.

Netflix has apologised for a tweet which referenced Bloody Sunday, posted over the weekend from the account of a show produced by the streaming service.


The Bloody Sunday post, which has since been deleted, was tweeted from an account dedicated to the Netflix series The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

In the post, actress Kiernan Shipka could be seen covered in fake blood with an accompanying caption reading: 'Sunday, Bloody Sunday'.

The tweet was up for over 13 hours before it was deleted, after drawing criticism from online.

One Twitter user wrote: "Please take a minute to read your caption, then put it into Google. Then apologise to your Irish fans and anyone who was affected by the atrocities."

In a statement issued to JOE, Netflix said: "Our tweet was unacceptable and has since been removed. We are very sorry for the hurt and distress it caused."

Bloody Sunday was the name given to an event that took place in 1920, where a total of 14 people were killed, and as many as 60 were injured after a number of Black and Tans and Auxiliaries opened fire on civilians in Croke Park in Dublin.

Two of those killed on the day were children.


Another incident referred to as Bloody Sunday took place in Derry in 1972, when British soldiers shot 26 civilians during a protest march against internment without trial. 14 people died.