Netflix's brilliant crime drama is being compared to Prison Break at its very best 3 years ago

Netflix's brilliant crime drama is being compared to Prison Break at its very best

It's being called the most addictive show on Netflix. A real hidden gem.

As TV fans will know, there's something glorious about that exact moment when a show has so much momentum behind it that it consumes your very life and forces you to binge-watch it into the early hours of the morning. 24, Prison Break, Making A Murderer and Breaking Bad are arguably the best example of this, but Netflix have added a title that truly belongs in this category.


Money Heist - or La Casa de Papel as it's originally known - has been available on Netflix for quite some time now but it seems that the 'Beast from the East' has brought it back into the spotlight. Thank God for that because the heist show is that rare hidden gem - incredibly addictive and well written.

Ok, what's it about?

A mysterious man, who goes by the name of The Professor, is planning the biggest heist in history. In order to carry out the ambitious plan, he recruits a gang of eight people with certain abilities who have nothing to lose. The goal is to enter the Royal Mint of Spain and print 2.4 billion euros. In order to do this, they need eleven days of seclusion, during which they will have to deal with sixty-seven hostages and the elite forces of the police.

What really differentiates this show from other heist shows is the writing because every character feels like they're fully formed and the show is excellent at the blurring the lines between who you want to root for.

At one moment, you might have a favourite character in mind but by the end of the episode, that's completely flipped on its head. It also helps that like most projects involving eight people, tensions are going to emerge and the show is excellent at examining the growing cracks and frictions in this band of thieves.

Every character is given a whole backstory and the performances never drift into the realms of caricature - huge praise given the heist cliches and formulas that we're all well-versed in.


If you're looking for a show that gets your adrenaline-pumping by keeping you on the edge of your seat – this is for you.

It also helps that unlike other foreign language shows on Netflix, the English dubbing is actually decent.

Plenty of people are in agreement that Money Heist ( La Casa de Papel) is the most addictive new show that's on Netflix. Season2 of the show has already been commissioned and now is the perfect time to see what the fuss is about.

Check it out.