Netflix's new thriller Awake puts us in a world where people can no longer sleep 1 month ago

Netflix's new thriller Awake puts us in a world where people can no longer sleep

Some very strong Bird Box vibes from Netflix's new thriller.

Imagine a world where you can no longer fall asleep.


As in never, ever sleeping.

"WAY ahead of you!" we hear our fellow insomniacs yell, but in truth, there are some very powerful repercussions to not sleeping, and Netflix's new thriller Awake dives deep into them all.

Of course, that isn't all, as mankind discovers that on top of no longer being able to sleep, all of the satellites revolving the planet have come crashing down, and electricity worldwide is no longer working.

That is the chaos that ex-soldier Jill (Gina Rodriguez - Annihilation) finds herself in, made all the more complicated by the Children Of Men-esque twist that her daughter seems to be the only one who actually can sleep anymore.

This gets the attention of the government and the military, thinking she may be a potential cure to mankind's sleeping problems, while a cult-like group think sacrificing the young girl may bring an end to their blight.

The movie also stars Barry Pepper (Saving Private Ryan), Jennifer Jason Leigh (The Hateful Eight), and Gil Bellows (The Shawshank Redemption).

As you can see from the brand new trailer below, there is definitely a Bird Box vibe to the proceedings; the surviving-a-unique-apocalypse, with a single mother on the run with young children. And considering how incredibly popular Birdbox was when it arrived, Netflix could be on to another winner here when Awake arrives on Wednesday, 9 June.


Clip via Netflix