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11th Nov 2020

New Hollywood blockbuster set in Mayo features some of the worst Irish accents of all time

Rudi Kinsella

wild mountain thyme

It’s a sorry state of affairs when Christopher Walken has the best Irish accent by a mile.

When we learned that Jamie Dornan, Emily Blunt, Christopher Walken and Jon Hamm were all filming a new movie in Mayo, we were naturally quite excited.

But now that the trailer for Wild Mountain Thyme has been released, and we’ve got a listen to some of the accents on display, maybe we should have been a little bit more apprehensive.

Blunt, who we should point out is an amazing actress, stars as Rosemary Muldoon, who falls in love with Jamie Dornan’s character Anthony Reilly before they get caught up in a dispute over farmland.

And while Blunt’s accent is probably the most egregious, Dornan’s is also absolutely shocking for a man who was born and raised in Belfast.

If we’re being honest, Christopher Walken’s Irish accent is probably the most realistic…

Take a look at the trailer here, and prepare to cringe:

Clip via FilmSelect Trailer

Good lord.

Directed by John Patrick Shanley, the movie is expected to be released in Ireland on 11 December this year, though that is subject to change.

Despite the shocking accents, we reckon a lot of Irish people will be showing up to watch it out of pure curiosity.

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