All of the big new Netflix movies and shows arriving in December 10 months ago

All of the big new Netflix movies and shows arriving in December

December means Netflix and chill... (because it is cold outside... geddit?).

Here are all of the big new shows and movies arriving on Netflix this December, including some major releases in and around Christmas Day itself, when time loses all meaning and we're no longer sure what day of the week it is...



Firefly Lane: Season 2 - 2 Dec

What could possibly have ended the tight-knit thirty-year friendship of Tully and Kate, our "Firefly Lane Girls Forever?” We'll learn the answer this season - but first - Kate grapples with the painful aftermath of Johnny's ill-fated trip to Iraq, while Tully faces a lawsuit after walking away from her talk show, and must start her career over from the bottom.

My Unorthodox Life: Season 2 - 2 Dec


In this season, Julia is forced to navigate yet another avalanche of personal and professional challenges.

Hot Skull - 2 Dec

Set in a world shaken by an epidemic of madness that spreads through language and speech, the reclusive former linguist Murat Siyavus, having taken refuge at his mother’s home, is the only person mysteriously unaffected by this disease.

Too Hot To Handle: Season 4 - 7 Dec


Ten super hot and horny singletons enter a lavish villa in the Caribbean hoping to fall in love harder, faster and more intensely than ever in a high-stakes dating show called Wild Love hosted by TV legend Mario Lopez.

Smiley - 7 Dec

Álex is heartbroken. He was building fantasies with a man that, a couple of weeks later, disappeared giving him a perfect ghosting.

The Most Beautiful Flower - 7 Dec


Curvy, curly, confident Mich knows she's fabulous. Now she just has to convince everyone else at her Xochimilco high school to believe it too.

Last Chance U: Basketball: Season 2 - 13 Dec

The critically-acclaimed, Emmy-nominated series returns to East Los Angeles College (ELAC) to give viewers another honest, gritty look inside the world of community college basketball.

Cook at all Costs - 16 Dec

Do luxury ingredients always make the best dishes? Or can humble items be transformed into a recipe for success?


A Storm for Christmas - 16 Dec

A group of people arrive at Oslo airport. Some to welcome their loved ones, some to travel home to their families, and some to fly away and escape Christmas. But in one way or another, their Christmas mission goes awry.

The Recruit - 16 Dec

A fledgling lawyer at the CIA becomes enmeshed in dangerous international power politics when a former asset threatens to expose the nature of her long-term relationship with the agency unless they exonerate her of a serious crime.

Dance Monsters - 16 Dec

In this feel-good Netflix competition, amateur dancers disguised as CGI avatars bring their best moves, hoping to wow our panel of judges and win $250,000. Ne-Yo, Lele Pons and Ashley Banjo serve as judges. Ashley Roberts serves as host.

Emily In Paris: Season 3 - 21 Dec

One year after moving from Chicago to Paris for her dream job, Emily finds herself at a crucial crossroads in every aspect of her life.

Alice in Borderland: Season 2 - 22 Dec

To solve the mystery of the "Borderland" and return to his original world, Arisu and his comrades must take on even more difficult and dangerous games.

The Witcher: Blood Origin - 25 Dec

Set in an elven world 1200 years before the time of Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri, The Witcher: Blood Origin will tell a tale lost to history: the creation of the first prototype Witcher, and the events that led to the pivotal Conjunction of the Spheres, when the worlds of monsters, men, and elves merged to become one.

Treason - 26 Dec

Trained and groomed by MI6, Adam Lawrence’s career seems set. But when the past catches up with him in the form of Kara, a Russian spy with whom he shares a complicated past, he is forced to question everything and everyone in his life.


Troll - 1 Dec

Deep inside the mountain of Dovre, something gigantic awakens after being trapped for a thousand years. Destroying everything in its path, the creature is fast approaching the capital of Norway.

"Sr." - 2 Dec

From documentarian Chris Smith (American Movie) comes a lovingly irreverent portrait of the life, career, and last days of maverick filmmaker Robert Downey Sr., whose rebellious spirit infused decades of counterculture movie-making.

Lady Chatterly's Lover - 2 Dec

Marrying Sir Clifford Chatterley, Connie’s life of wealth and privilege seems set as she takes the title of Lady Chatterley. Yet this idealistic union gradually becomes an incarceration when Clifford returns from the First World War with injuries that have left him unable to walk. When she meets and falls for Oliver Mellors, the gamekeeper on the Chatterley family estate, their secret trysts lead her to a sensual, sexual awakening.

Warriors of Future - 2 Dec

Hong Kong sci-fi film about what happens when a meteor carrying a destructive plant strikes the world.

The Marriage App - 7 Dec

A young couple with children find themselves going through a crisis and seem to have exhausted all opportunities to solve their marriage problems. As a last resource, they decide to use an app that gives (or subtracts) points for each good deed they do to one another.

In Broad Daylight: The Narvarte Case - 8 Dec

This documentary unveils evidence of corruption in the investigation into the murder of five people in the Narvarte neighbourhood of Mexico City in 2015.

Guillermo Del Toro's Pinocchio - 9 Dec

Academy Award-winning director Guillermo del Toro and award-winning, stop-motion legend Mark Gustafson reimagine the classic Carlo Collodi tale for Netflix, with a whimsical tour de force that finds Pinocchio on an enchanted adventure that transcends worlds and reveals the life-giving power of love.

Who Killed Santa? A Murderville Mystery - 15 Dec

Senior Detective Terry Seattle (Will Arnett) is back and this time, the case is critical. Along with his two celebrity guest stars, Jason Bateman and Maya Rudolph, he is on a mission to figure out...who killed Santa? But here’s the catch: Jason Bateman and Maya Rudolph aren't being given the script.

BARDO, False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths - 16 Dec

An epic, visually stunning and immersive experience set against the intimate and moving journey of Silverio, a renowned Mexican journalist and documentary filmmaker living in Los Angeles.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery - 23 Dec

In the follow-up to Rian Johnson's Knives Out, Detective Benoit Blanc travels to Greece to peel back the layers of a mystery involving a new cast of colourful suspects.

White Noise - 30 Dec

At once hilarious and horrifying, lyrical and absurd, ordinary and apocalyptic, White Noise dramatises a contemporary American family's attempts to deal with the mundane conflicts of everyday life while grappling with the universal mysteries of love, death, and the possibility of happiness in an uncertain world.