Now that the dust has settled, what were the biggest snubs from the Oscar nominations? 1 year ago

Now that the dust has settled, what were the biggest snubs from the Oscar nominations?

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There were at least four glaring omissions by our count.

The Oscars are in a tricky position.


Because not only are they deemed to be the biggest, most-well-known movie awards ceremony in the world, and therefore given an unparalleled level of prestige, they are also sometimes viewed as little more than a popularity contest. A way to get the most famous, most beautiful people in the world in the same room at the same time and get them all a little bit drunk.

It partly explains the overwhelming reaction to Joker receiving the most nominations this year (11!), but the Oscars also has a history of snubbing the best films in favour of the more popular, or at least more in line with their own tastes.

The following movies didn't receive a single Oscar nomination: Before Sunrise, The Big Lebowski, Breathless, Bringing Up Baby, Don't Look Now, The Good The Bad & The Ugly, Heat, His Girl Friday, The King Of Comedy, Mean Streets, Miller's Crossing, Once Upon A Time In America, Paths Of Glory, Reservoir Dogs, The Shining, Touch Of Evil, You Were Never Really Here, and Zodiac.

So, with all of that in mind, check out the gang debate 2020's biggest snubs from XX:XX in the video below (alternatively, you can listen here):

Paul went with Rocketman, or more specifically, Taron Egerton not being nominated for Best Actor. Despite putting in a much better performance than last year's actual Best Actor winner Rami Malek for Bohemian Rhapsody, and winning Best Actor (Comedy/Musical) at the Golden Globes just a week before, he wasn't even shortlisted.

Justine went with Hustlers. Sure, a lot of attention went on Jennifer Lopez not landing the Best Supporting Actress nod, despite getting A LOT of attention when the movie dropped, there is still a lot to be said for Best Director (another all male line-up this year) forĀ Lorene Scafaria, or Best Adapted Screenplay, which was also provided by Scafaria.


Rory went a bit wider, off the back of the lack of attention for Us and Midsommar, and focused on another year without any love for horror. Jordan Peele's second horror movie was pinned to dual jaw-dropping performances by Lupita Nyong'o, and even though his last movie Get Out landed lead actor Daniel Kaluuya a nod, it didn't happen this year. Ditto for Ari Aster's second movie, which really should've seen Florence Pugh get some love, but it went the same route as Toni Collette missing out for her searing performance in Aster's first movie, Hereditary.

And finally, Eoghan went with Avengers Endgame. In much the same way that The Return Of The King or Deathly Hallows Part II got some much-deserved awards attention, something similar was expected here. Maybe a Best Supporting nod for Iron Man himself? Or Captain America? Maybe a Best Adapted Screenplay for landing 22 movies so elegantly? But nope. Just one nomination, for Best Special Effects.

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