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More often than not, when you hear the words "Oscar-nominate foreign-language movie", you automatically assume that while the movie might be brilliant, it is also going to be very, very, very depressing.

That is not the case with Wild Tales, which not only isn't depressing, but is one of the funniest and best movies of the last decade in our humble opinion.

It is on tonight on Film4 at 11.40pm, and we'd rather you found yourself in the same position we did and just watched it with absolutely no idea what it was about and just let the amazingness wash over you...

... but we sense you're still here and want to know a little bit more? It tells six different tales, all linked by revenge, set in different parts of Argentina, ranging from passengers on a plane all discovering their links to each other, to a wedding disrupted by some very upsetting revelations.

We won't say any more than, and while we highly recommend you don't watch it, here's the trailer if you need further convincing.

Clip via MovieClips

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