Peaky Blinders fans are worried for Tommy's future after noticing one small detail 2 years ago

Peaky Blinders fans are worried for Tommy's future after noticing one small detail

Tommy could be in trouble but did you spot it?

With plans in place to take Peaky Blinders up to seven seasons, we think it's safe to say that Steven Knight has a very definitive plan for Tommy Shelby.


In fact, Knight has frequently said that he wants the show to end as the first siren for WWII blares out, but with the show's popularity only increasing, you can't discard the idea of a film or even more seasons.

Cillian Murphy has said that he's more than happy to continue in the role and while Knight is reluctant to kill off characters, he has done so before.

Spoiler alert for those that haven't seen up to the most recent episode, Strategy.

Grace, Inspector Campbell, John Shelby, Luca Changretta, Alfie Solomons (we think).


They're all major characters that have met their maker and while we think Tommy's immediate future isn't in jeopardy, fans have noticed that the character is starting to cough an awful lot more throughout Season 5.

During a recent Q&A, Helen McCrory joked that Cillian Murphy smoked a thousand fake cigarettes in a season and while the show does strive for a more natural approach, viewers feel that the persistence of Tommy's coughing could be a very deliberate plot device.

After all, in Season 4, we learned that Alfie Solomons had cancer due to the horrific conditions that he served in during WWI.

At this point, it's worth remembering that Tommy's job as a 'clay-kicker' during the war would have seen him working in some of the most poorly ventilated conditions imaginable.


When you factor in his persistent smoking habit, it's entirely possible that Tommy's health could deteriorate.

We shall wait and see what happens but some fans are already fearing the worst.