People are absolutely raving about 'one of the best sports documentaries' of all time 7 months ago

People are absolutely raving about 'one of the best sports documentaries' of all time

It's free to watch until the end of the week. Get it done.

With England about to do battle with Colombia for a place in the World Cup quarter final, the old adage that football is a mater of life and death is bound to be mentioned.

Granted, a place in the last eight of the world's best competition is a massive prize and both sets of players will undoubtedly do anything to win, but anyone that remembers USA '94 will know that ultimately, when people forget that football is just a game, lives can be horrifically damaged.

As previously reported, The Two Escobars is now available to watch for free and even if you have zero interest in football, it's still a magnificent watch.

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Ok, what's it about?

At a time when drug money fuelled the sport known in the underworld as 'Narco-soccer', the fates of Andrés Escobar, the inspirational captain of Colombia, and Pablo Escobar, the notorious leader of the Medellin cartel, were permanently linked.

Andrés Escobar was Colombia’s captain at the USA 1994 World Cup but after scoring an own-goal against the host nation, he was gunned down 10 days later.

Irish fans might even remember Jack Charlton graciously pledging some of the money raised on his behalf to Escobar's family.

After Escobar was murdered, Colombia didn't just lose one of its best players and most inspirational figures, it lost a part of its soul because this murder shook the country to its very core.

Through the glory and the tragedy, The Two Escobars investigates the secret marriage of crime and sport, and uncovers the surprising connections between the murders of Andrés and Pablo.

The documentary was originally released in 2010 and it has become a beloved feature for football fans and critics alike.

In fact, the LA Times called The Two Escobars "one of the best sports docs in recent memory" while The Hollywood Reporter said that the documentary "captures the passion and personality of a group of exceptional athletes and their ecstatic bond with fans."

Since ESPN have made The Two Escobars available to watch for free here, a new generation of fans have finally discovered the wonderful documentary and like anyone that has previously seen it, they can't stop raving about it.

Highly, highly recommended.