People are absolutely raving about one of Netflix's new series 9 months ago

People are absolutely raving about one of Netflix's new series

A crime thriller you can sink your teeth into...

You probably wish you heard of this one last week when you were housebound, but we're telling you about it now anyway.

Seven Seconds is a Netflix original crime thriller, that manages to stand out in a very crowded genre.

Before we start, have a look at the trailer below....

If you're happy enough to watch the show without knowing any more about show, you can stop reading now because we're about to tell you some more details about the plot.

The new(ish) Netflix series, which arrived on 23 February, is about the cascading consequences of a horrible incident which  sees Pete Jablonski, a white cop, accidentally knock down a black teenager named Brenton Butler on a bicycle.

In his panic, Jablonski covers up the evidence with the help of some corrupt officers. We follow the story along as an ever-increasing number of people are drawn into the aftermath of the crime.

The performance of Regina King, who plays a mother mourning the loss of her son, is a real highlight of the series while other aspects such as the pairing of Clare-Hope Ashitey and Michael Mosley don't hit the high notes, they each produce fine individual performances.

Overall, in a packed genre, Seven Seconds does well to leave a mark, but a sometimes meandering storyline means that it won't be considered a great show, but it is a good one.