Power ranking the brilliant and badass women in Game of Thrones 9 months ago

Power ranking the brilliant and badass women in Game of Thrones

It's impossible to argue with this list (cough, cough)

To mark International Women's Day, we decided to pay tribute to the superb female characters in the world's most beloved show, Game of Thrones. As we know, the show is brimming with brilliant female characters and here are our favourites.

Trust us, deciding on this ranking wasn't easy. Hell, we even left out the likes of Princess Shireen, Gilly, and Missandei! Anyways, do you agree with this ranking?

16. Shae

In three words: Double-edged sword.

A wicked woman in Westeros because: This lady came from nothing and ultimately tore the Lannister family apart. Resourceful, tough and cunning, Shae was such an interesting character because nobody could get a read on her or see that twist coming.

15. Elaria Sand

In three words: The snake bites.

A wicked woman in Westeros because: After Oberyn Martell was murdered, she was the person that single-handedly shaped the future of Dorne. After killing her brother-in-law, she promised that "weak men will never rule Dorne ever again" and she was right.

The Sand Snakes took control as her thirst for revenge grew out of control.

14. Osha

In three words: Takes no shit.

A wicked woman in Westeros because: The tough and lethal wildling protected the youngest members of House Stark when they needed it the most. She's also one of the only people that was brave enough to try and kill Ramsay Bolton.

13. Ygritte

In three words: You know nothing.

A wicked woman in Westeros because: Despite being held captive by Jon Snow, the wildling never wilted or backed down in the face of danger. In fact, being the superb warrior she is, Ygritte managed to escape and ultimately capture the future King in the North. How many people have managed to get the drop on Jon Snow like that? Aside from this, she's a formidable fighter as seen by the wildling's siege on Castle Black. Damn Olly!

12. Sansa Stark

In three words: A slow learner.

A wicked woman in Westeros because: Sansa even admitted herself that she's a late learner when it comes to playing the game of thrones, but as Arya confided in her, not many people would have been able to withstand and overcome what Sansa faced. After being raped, beaten and tortured by Joffrey/Ramsay, she has really come into her own in recent seasons and deserves her title as the Lady of Winterfell.

11. Meera Reed

In three words: Underappreciated but fierce.

A wicked woman in Westeros because: She dedicated her life to protecting those that were weaker than her - Jojen and Bran being the clear examples - but Meera is also one of the very few people that managed to kill wights and a White Walker. A quiet hero throughout the show.

10. Melisandre

In three words: The Red Woman.

A wicked woman in Westeros because: She has survived for centuries and had a pivotal role in The War of the Five Kings. Tough, untrustworthy and still absolutely crucial in the wars to come, where would the Seven Kingdoms be without the Red Priestess of Asshai? Well, Jon Snow would definitely be a pile of bones in Castle Black without her help.

Then again, Princess Shireen would also be living. Swings and roundabouts, eh?

9. Margaery Tyrell

In three words: Smirk of steel.

A wicked woman in Westeros because: Arguably one of the greatest tragedies in Game of Thrones was seeing her early demise because she undoubtedly had a plan to coerce Tommen to her will. Despite repenting at the feet of the High Sparrow, Margaery's spirit wasn't broken - remember that scene where she hands her grandmother a drawing of the Tyrell sigil?

Unlike everyone else at The Great Sept of Baelor, she could clearly see Cersei's sinister plan from a mile away and she even tried to warn the High Sparrow. If only people listened to her.

8. Yara Greyjoy

In three words: True ironborn leader.

A wicked woman in Westeros because: Let Theon elaborate on the brilliance of his sister. "I am Theon Greyjoy, last living son of Balon Greyjoy. And she is your rightful ruler. Those of you that have sailed under her, and there are many of you here, you know what she is. She is a reaver. She is a warrior. She is ironborn! We will find no better leader. This is our queen."

The truest words that he has ever spoken.

7. Catelyn Stark

In three words: Mother of wolves.

A wicked woman in Westeros because: Just like Cersei, Catelyn wouldn't think twice about killing, destroying and razing cities to the ground if it meant protecting her children.

How she died at The Red Wedding tells you everything that you need to know about her. Brave, loving, fierce and sadly, doomed.

6. Brienne of Tarth

In three words: Beat the Hound.

A wicked woman in Westeros because: Again, she beat The Hound in combat! Ferocious, independent and incredibly loyal, she's one of - if not 'THE'- finest warriors in Westeros.

5. Arya Stark

In three words: Unstoppable killing machine.

A wicked woman in Westeros because: After seeing her family massacred, Arya went down her own path and became one of the best killers in the Seven Kingdoms. At this rate, she's going to complete that list with ease.

4. Daenerys Targaryen

In three words: Mother of Dragons.

A wicked woman in Westeros because: She promised to break the wheel and she's closer than ever. Aside from being - deep breath - First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea and Breaker of Chains, Dany has overcome more crap than 99% of the characters in this show. In the beginning, she was treated like a piece of meat that her brother sold to Khal Drogo. As Season 8 approaches, it's looking likely that she'll "take what is mine with fire and blood." Dracarys!

3. Lyanna Mormont

In three words: The Real Queen.

A wicked woman in Westeros because: Ok, answer this. In Game of Thrones, can you name a character that hasn't put a single foot wrong? Basically, name a character that hasn't made a poor political, military or personal choice? The answer is Lyanna Mormont.

Aside from her stunning levels of sass and inability to tolerate bullshit, the Lady of Bear Island is an inspirational figure that never bows to peer pressure. When every other House turned their backs on the Starks, she didn't. What makes her even more impressive is that she's just a kid.

Hell, if Lyanna Mormont had three dragons and an army then she'd probably already have the Iron Throne by now.

2. Olenna Tyrell

In three words: One-liner legend.

A wicked woman in Westeros because: Aside from Tyrion, the Queen of Thorns got the best jokes throughout the series and the sheer levels of disdain and hatred that she had for everyone else was a joy to behold. Diana Rigg was perfectly cast in that role and as Season 8 approaches, Olenna is still the only character to die in Game of Thrones on her own terms.

“He (Joffrey) really was a cunt wasn't he? Dear Lady Olenna, we all miss you.

1. Cersei Lannister

In three words: Queen of everything.

A wicked woman in Westeros because: We should despise her. Like, really despise her with every fiber of our being but in spite of everything, who doesn't think that Cersei is a bloody terrific character?

The hatred that she has for everyone is entirely believable. The skill that Lena Headey has as an actress is absolutely breathtaking. The determination that Cersei has to fight, overcome and survive is incredibly impressive. Just when you're entirely convinced that Cersei's a monster, we get a small insight into what keeps her humane...the love she has for her children.

This being said, with all of her kids dead and Jaime no longer by her side, we can't wait to see her final descent into 'Mad Queen' territory.

Season 8 should be spectacular!