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QUIZ: Can you guess the Arnold Schwarzenegger film from the one-liner?
"Ice to see you."

Are you a true Arnie fan?

Seven time Mr Olympia. Former governor of California. Host of The Apprentice. Constant thorn in Donald Trump's side. There's a lot Arnold Schwarzenegger can do, but there's nothing he's better at than crashing into a room of bad dudes, beating them up, and then saying something witty before he takes down the last one.

Obviously, his one-liners are some of the main highlights of his films. But how many many of those movies can you identify from just the snappy blow-off line?

Here are 19 lines, all said by Arnold in movies spanning from the 1980s to the modern day - some are classics, some less so, but all of them are quintessentially Arnie. We'll give you nine minutes to get them all.

Let us know how you do, and feel free to say a clever line to yourself when you put in the last correct answer.


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