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01st May 2019

QUIZ: How well do you know these classic religious horror movies?


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Anything over seven would be terrifyingly good…

Over the years, some of the best horror movies to hit cinema screens have revolved around people’s religious belief. Classic such as The Omen, Rosemary’s Baby, and The Exorcism all stand out that bit more due to the fact they’re rooted in something that people truly believe in.

That doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon, with The Conjuring Universe spanning across five different movies based around genuine events. If there is one sure way to make you feel nervous at the start of a horror movie, it’s to see “The following is based on true events…” come up onto the screen.

Ahead of the release of The Curse of La Llorona on Friday, 3 May, we thought we’d test your knowledge of the genre. A suspense-filled horror from producer and horror master James Wan, it tells the story of Anna Tate-Garcia (Linda Cardellini), a widowed single mom still coping with the loss of her husband.

The movie is based around La Llorona, one of the most terrifying and widely-known figures in Latin American folklore. For now, all you really need to know about La Llorna is that she is on an eternal hunt for children’s souls to replace the ones she drowned in life

Naturally, her legend has been fueling the nightmares of kids for several generations. We’ll let the trailer below do the talking…

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Brought to you by Warner Bros. Pictures

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