Ranking the 18 best characters on South Park on its 18th anniversary 8 years ago

Ranking the 18 best characters on South Park on its 18th anniversary

An incredible show with even better characters.

South Park made its debut on Comedy Central 18 years ago today and I'm certain that at the time, Trey Parker and Matt Stone were completely unaware that the crude, insane and razor-sharp stories involving Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman would become the best piece of satire in the modern era.


Yes, it's bonkers, fecked up and full of dick and fart jokes but for my money, South Park has consistently been the smartest show on TV for the best part of a decade.

south park

Impressive stuff considering it has a Queen spider as a religious leader, ghosts of human kindness breaking into bedrooms all over town and Bono acting out as the world's biggest piece of shit.

The world of South Park is filled with some wonderful characters and here are our favourites.


18) God

I could have opted for Saddam Hussein, Moses, Satan, Jesus, Mrs Crabtree or a host of others but I love how ballsy Stone and Parker are here. Those lads just don't give a feck.
God South Park

17) Craig

Doesn't everyone wish that they could just flip people off whenever they feel like it? Cartman's punchline here is gold.


Clip via - UglyPumpkinz

16) Liane Cartman

Is she a doting mam with the patience of a saint or a cover girl for crack whore magazine? The truth, she's a little from column A and B.


Clip via -nattiedoll19

15) Tweek

Eek! Have some coffee, be grand.



14) Jimmy

Wow what a wonderful audience. Just don't get him 'excited' before a performance though.

This is still one of the most brutal fights that you'll ever see.

Clip via - jayden stephen

13) Detective Harrison

So what do you have to say to that? Mr scientist! Niiiiiiiice.

Clip via - Shane Collins

12) Chef

Three fiddy! We all know the words to this one.


Clip via - MusicVideoStudiosTas

11) Stan's Grandpa

God damnit Billy! Yes he may only have one recurring gag in the show but there's something wonderful about seeing an elderly man hurl abuse at an 8-year-old psychotic boy.

Clip via - yourmomxxpp

10) Kenny

We didn't have to understand what he said. All we needed was this. Oh my god....


9) Terence & Philip

Move over Celine Dion, Bryan Adams and Ugly Bob because Canada belongs to these two. 'Asses of Fire' and 'Not Without My Anus' are classics.

Terence and Philip

8) Towelie

He's happy to be known as the worst character of all-time but he also knows the melody of Funky Town inside and out. Wanna get high?

Clip via - Barry Reeves

7) Timmy

Best frontman since Mick Jagger. He probably upstaged Phil Collins also.

Clip via - Theresa Trevino

6) Mr Garrison

Mr Hat, Mr Slave, Lemmywinks, scissors, pigeons and the whole molestation thing. He's a teacher. A TEACHER.

This reply to Clyde's answer still cracks me up.

5) Kyle

Matt Stone's alter ego is probably the main voice of reason in the show. Then again, his dad is a dolphin.

Clip via - Jiri Starek

4) Stan

Trey Parker's alter-ego is the smartest person in the show. Then again, he pukes anytime that he sees his girlfriend.

3) Butters

Hamburgers! The episode involving the breakdown of his parents' marriage is one of the most insane and uncomfortably funny episodes of TV that you'll ever see.

Yes he's bi-curious and has some killer tap-dancing skills but you have to admire someone that managed to cover every inch of his house in shit just to get revenge on his parents.

Paris Hilton will testify to his brilliance although he's a grounded bear.



2) Cartman

We all have our favourite Cartman moment but for me it's the sheer lunacy of this one. He doesn't care that a man just died, all he's focused on is proving Kyle wrong.

1) Randy Marsh

To quote the man himself 'I'm the best' and I've already written a piece as to why he's a TV great but this clip has taken on a life of itself.


So what do you think? Is there anyone that we left out?