We'll have to wait a while for Top Gun 2, but it'll be worth it 5 years ago

We'll have to wait a while for Top Gun 2, but it'll be worth it

More details about the sequel to Top Gun have emerged.

Tom Cruise himself confirmed recently that Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell will be back on our cinema screens more than 30 years since the original Top Gun, leaving us just about enough time to get over THAT death scene.


Poor Goose.

According to Deadline, Top Gun: Maverick - the title confirmed recently by Cruise - will be released on July 12th, 2019. It's also been confirmed that Joseph Kosinski has signed up as director. He worked with Cruise previously on Oblivion.

Jerry Bruckheimer is back on board as producer, something confirmed by his less than subtle social media posts before the movie was even confirmed.


For the six of you out there who haven't seen it, the original Top Gun starred Cruise, Val Kilmer, Anthony Edwards, Kelly McGillis and Tom Skerritt and, in our unbiased view, is THE GREATEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME.

OK, maybe not, but it's pretty good.

Cruise plays Maverick, a devil-may-care fighter pilot who just cannot be tamed. Edwards is the lovable (gulp) sidekick Goose, McGillis has lost that loving feeling as the love interest, Kilmer is Ice Man - the cool-as-fuck Stephen Hendry of the skies - and Skerritt the pseudo father figure whose job it is to put some manners on old Mav.


You really need to rent the tape at your local Chartbusters.