The fantastic Rory Gallagher documentary is now available to watch online 3 years ago

The fantastic Rory Gallagher documentary is now available to watch online

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"I once saw him change a string without stopping the song. Just for that alone, there should be a monument to him" - Johnny Marr, The Smiths.


Cue that jaw-dropping intro to 'Cradle Rock' that's still so powerful it will shake the fillings from your teeth.

And so starts Rory Gallagher: Ghost Blues, the outstanding documentary about the legendary Irish guitarist that TG4 recently screened.

Featuring rare tracks from Gallagher's formative years with his first band, Taste, through his solo career as he single-handedly spearheaded the Irish rock movement, the documentary is a fantastic examination of one of - if not THE - most gifted Irish musician of all time.

Simply put, Rory Gallagher blazed a trail for other Irish rock bands and in the course of the documentary, you get a real sense that he wanted to do things his own way.


While record labels were insisting on the Cork-raised guitarist to release singles, Gallagher was insistent that he was strictly 'an albums guy.'

Christ, even The Rolling Stones made a play to get Gallagher into their band. He refused.

Directed by Ian Thuillier, the film is a portrait of the much-missed musician as it investigates the timeless qualities of the gentleman of rock 'n roll, his music and the unique approach of this authentic guitar hero.

Gallagher's contribution to rock music has had a significant impact on both musicians and music fans around the world, despite his untimely death at the age of 47.


This point is reflected in the list of contributors as Slash, The Edge, Cameron Crowe, Bill Wymam, Bob Geldof, Johnny Marr, and more are all featured.

For those interested in seeing an Irish legend doing what he does best, Rory Gallagher: Ghost Blues is now available to watch on the TG4 Player here.

Take a look at what's in store.


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