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02nd Dec 2018

It looks like some of RTÉ’s best ever shows will be available on their new player

Rudi Kinsella

Love Hate Quiz

This could be huge.

RTÉ have produced some amazing television series in recent years.

Certain shows have had Irish audiences seriously engaged throughout, and have been severely missed since they left our screens.

But it looks like we might be getting a chance to see a lot of these shows in full once again.

RTÉ released a short trailer for their new and improved RTÉ Player that will be released on Monday 3 December.

The trailer included clips from iconic shows such as Love/Hate and The Hardy Bucks.

Have a look for yourself here:

If the trailer is to be believed, this could be an incredible moment for Irish television fans.

RTÉ have also addressed some regular complaints that people have regarding the Player.

They have said that the Player will still have adverts, but that they have “improved the experience after listening to feedback” on this subject.

They also said that it will have Chromecast support for both iOS and Android.

Sounds pretty damn good to us!