Rumours building that the new Batman movie has found its Catwoman 3 years ago

Rumours building that the new Batman movie has found its Catwoman

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A very interesting choice, if true.

We're still about two years or so before Bruce Wayne makes his way back to the big screen (making it a full four years since his last outing in Justice League), but that isn't stopping the rumour mills from gearing up to full power already.


It hasn't been long since Robert Pattinson was announced as the lead in The Batman, which director Matt Reeves (Cloverfield, Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes) has already said will be less of a huge action movie, and will focus more on the fact that Bruce Wayne is regularly referred to as the World's Greatest Detective.

There are already rumours that regular Reeves collaborator Andy Serkis is attached to the project in some capacity (our guess? Either The Penguin, or the new Commissioner Gordon), but the latest rumour (via MovieWeb) suggests that Warner Brothers have found their new Catwoman.

Vanessa Kirby is reportedly the front-runner for the role, and you may recognise her from The Crown, or as the sort-of antagonist in Mission: Impossible - Fallout, or maybe even the latest trailer for Hobbs & Shaw, in which she plays a highly trained secret agent/Jason Statham's sister.

van kirby


There are also persisting rumours that The Riddler and Two-Face will be appearing in the new movie, which would suggest that the plot won't focus on any one villain, but will finally show a version of Gotham closer to what we've seen in the comics or video games: a city regularly populated by crime bosses, and not "supervillains".

We had our own thoughts on what story the next Batman movie should cover, but maybe WB are saving that plot for the inevitable sequel.

Until then, we can expect to see The Batman fly into Irish cinemas in June 2021, and you can check out Kirby in action in the final trailer for Hobbs & Shaw right here:


Clip via Fast & Furious

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