Sam Lloyd, the actor who played Ted on Scrubs, has died 3 years ago

Sam Lloyd, the actor who played Ted on Scrubs, has died

Tragic news.

Actor Sam Lloyd, best known for his portrayal of hapless lawyer Ted Buckland on Scrubs, has passed away at the age of 56.


He had been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour in early 2019, which was later discovered to be the result of metastasised lung cancer.

Lloyd was also known for his roles in other popular shows such as The West Wing, Desperate Housewives and Modern Family.

In addition to being an actor, Lloyd also garnered acclaimed with his a cappella band The Blanks, who featured on Scrubs on several occasions.

Scrubs co-star Zach Braff led tributes to Lloyd on Twitter, writing: "Rest In Peace to one of the funniest actors I’ve ever had the joy of working with. Sam Lloyd made me crack up and break character every single time we did a scene together. He could not have been a kinder man. I will forever cherish the time I had with you, Sammy."


Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence wrote: "Spent the night watching clips of Sam (The songs! The greatest sweaty pratfall of all time!) Those who reached out, our “Scrubs family” appreciates it - he had the biggest heart of all of us. But now send all those good thoughts to his family. And to your own loved ones."

Lloyd is survived by his wife and daughter.